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Theodora Carter

Navigation Specialist

Vintage Compass

Theodora Carter, Human Resources Expert, Certified Professional Coach and the CEO of T. Carter Coaching & Consulting, LLC. believes that everyone has the strength not just to survive, but truly thrive.

Theodora’s investment in coaching and therapy led to her becoming a published author. She continues to invest in her personal development and focuses on spiritual growth daily.   Theodora believes that healing is a choice, and that purpose is birthed out of pain. She is passionate about helping her clients navigate the obstacles and detours holding them back in life.  Theodora’s coaching services help her clients define visions and goals and ensure that they are accomplished. 


Theodora's name means "God's gift" and she strives every day to live up to the meaning of her name by showing up and being a gift to someone else by helping them achieve the life they envision.  If you are ready to define your vision, create a strategy and take action towards living your best life, schedule a free discovery session today.

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