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Coaching Services

I‘m Here to Help
You N
avigate Life

  • Want to create more balance in your life?

  • Wish you had more time to do the things you desire to do?

  • Often feel tired and wish you had more energy and motivation?

  • Worried and stressed about money?

  • Desire more "me time", but struggle with prioritizing or staying focus?

  • Struggle with saying NO?

  • Procrastination holding you back from your heart desires?

  • Ready to change your narrative and live your best life?

If you are ready to get started, schedule a 20-minute free session. 

Goals without action
  are just dreams.

                              - Michelle Denio

Initial Consultation

20 mins.


Book Discovery Session

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Individual Coaching

Three (3) Sessions

45 mins.


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Individual Coaching

Six (6) Sessions

45 mins.


Individual Coaching

Twelve (12) Sessions

45 mins.


Do you need help with your resume?
Are you feeling unfulfilled?
Do you want to make a career change?
What a Difference refreshing your resume and enhancing your interviewing skills can make when you are looking for your next opportunity/career change.
  • Resume Review & Consultation
  • Professional Resume & Cover Letter Writing 
  • Career Mapping
  • Interview Preparation
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