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Change Your Narrative, Change Your Life

Did you know that a significant number of women over 40 struggle with aging, balancing family, partners, careers, and navigating life's transitions?

Engaging a Life Coach can help you craft a plan for navigating life transitions and revitalizing unrealized dreams, all while maintaining a balance with family and other responsibilities.

I offer customized coaching for women aged 40 and above, helping them navigate the challenges of balancing family, spouses, career, and life transitions while pursuing their unfulfilled dreams.

Don't let fear, finances, or uncertainty hold you back. Make a choice and take the first step towards a brighter future today and start creating your new life.

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“Goals without action are just dreams.”
- Michelle Denio


Online Conference

Initial Consultation
(Discovery Session)

Brainstorming Session

Individual Coaching

30 minutes

Three (3) Sessions
45 minutes

One  (1) Session
50 minutes

Individual Coaching

Six (6) Sessions
45 minutes

Individual Coaching

Twelve(12) Sessions
45 minutes

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