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Reignite & Thrive:
Change Your Narrative, Change Your Life

Are you a phenomenal woman over 40 feeling stuck in a story that doesn't resonate with you anymore? You're not alone. Life can get busy, and our dreams often get pushed aside. But what if you could rewrite your narrative and create a life that truly lights you up?

Here's what you'll gain:

  • A Self-Discovery Journey: We'll embark on a guided exploration to identify your core values, true passions, and unfulfilled dreams. Reconnect with what truly matters to you.

  • Powerful Exercises: Learn proven techniques like journaling and values clarification to uncover hidden desires and realign your actions with your authentic self.

  • Crystal-Clear Vision: Gain the clarity you need to define what you truly desire in the next chapter of your life. This isn't just about surviving, it's about thriving!


Don't wait any longer!  Reignite your passions and start living a life of purpose. Download our FREE guide, and start your journey today!

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Free guide for Empowering Women 40+ to take charge of their lives and rewrite their stories.

One-to-One Virtual Coaching

Explore our range of individual virtual sessions tailored to kickstart your transformation. Take the first step by selecting the service that aligns with your needs:

A laptop placed on a table with a cup of coffee and a notebook.

Discovery Session

1 x 30 min session


Two individuals holding cups of coffee. Both of their hands are visible in the picture.

Individual Coaching

3 X 45 min sessions

$570 or

3 payments of $190 monthly

Two individuals facing each other and engaged in conversation inside an office room.

Individual Coaching

6 x 45 min sessions

$1,050 or

6 payments of  $175 monthly

Change Your Narrative, Change Your Life today - your transformative journey begins with a single click!

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