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Reclaim Your Life: Transformative Strategies for Women 40+

If you're a woman navigating through the challenging moments of life this free E-BOOK can be your guide, to regaining control finding balance and embracing the journey ahead.

This resource will help you overcome obstacles, conquer challenges and create a life that reflects your dreams. Let me introduce you to Theodora Carter, who will help you navigate living with confidence and being true, to yourself.

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An empowering digital download cover titled 'Reclaim Your Life: Transformative Strategies for Women 40+'.

Our Services 

 Online Courses 

We turn experiences into a transformative journey through our 'Reclaim Your Life,' online classroom featuring six fundamental areas for online coaching as a roadmap.


Our program focuses on assisting you in gaining clarity regarding your life vision and recognizing opportunities for personal growth.

 1:1 Virtual Coaching 

Explore our range of individual virtual sessions tailored to kickstart your transformation. Take the first step by selecting the service that aligns with your needs:

A laptop placed on a table with a cup of coffee and a notebook.
Discovery Session

$25 for 30 Minutes

Brainstorming Session

$149 for 50 Minutes

(1 session)

Two individuals holding cups of coffee. Both of their hands are visible in the picture.
Individual Coaching

$525 for 45 Minutes

(3 session)

Two individuals facing each other and engaged in conversation inside an office room.
Individual Coaching

$900 for 45 Minutes

(6 session)

A black woman sitting in front of a computer, speaking and waving her hand.
Individual Coaching

$1,500 for 45 Minutes

(12 session)

Resume Writing

Elevate your career prospects with our expert Resume Writing Services. We tailor each resume to make a lasting impression on potential employers, helping you stand out in today's competitive job market.


Secure your next career move with a compelling and professionally written resume.

Reclaim your life today - your transformative journey begins with a single click!
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