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Are you ready to change your narrative?

Imagine if you could navigate the detours, obstacles and challenges that are holding you back from achieving the life you desire.

Change your narrative, change your life!

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Theodora Carter, CPC, CCC

About Theodora

Theodora Carter is a respected life and career navigation coach, published author, and speaker. With a focus on empowerment and personal growth, Theodora's insights and experiences inspire individuals to transform challenges into stepping stones. As the founder of T. Carter Coaching & Consulting, she is committed to helping others navigate life's twists and turns to achieve their desired success. 

“The final stage of healing is using what happens to you to help other people.”-Gloria Steinem



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"I have known Theodora for over 20 years. We have worked together, as HR leaders and she is a dear friend of mine. After years in the HR space providing advice, counsel and coaching, I was super excited when she decided to expand her expertise with her own Coaching & Consulting business. Timing wise was perfect for me.  Not only did I want to support her endeavor, but around the same time I found myself floundering and in need of some personal and professional coaching. The sessions were invaluable.  I highly recommend her!"

​— L. Bradley

My experience with Theodora was impactful. Theodora is very professional and has a calming demeanour. She skilfully guided me towards finding my own solutions rather than telling me what I should be doing.  Her approach helped me establish a plan for reaching my goals and the vision for my life. I look forward to future sessions.

— T. Jonhson

"Working with Theodora helped me to clear up a lot of the ideas going around in my head and gave me direction along with a way to organize it all piece by piece.  I started to approach things and tasks without feeling overwhelmed. I will not get discouraged because something didn't work the way I planned; I will work out a new plan.  Overall, I was hoping to get a grasp on how to handle things better; be more organized and less stressed about my never ending "to do" list.  My expectations were met for sure."

— A. Woods



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