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Theodora Carter, CPC, CCC

About Theodora

My goal is to help women get out of their own way. Think of me as your Navigation Specialist. I work with individuals to help them navigate the twists and turns in life. I empower people to change their lives through a process that starts with self-discovery. My clients learn how to deal with  the obstacles and challenges they encounter in life to create the life they desire and deserve.  Using my own experiences I help my clients create strategies that enable them to achieve their goals and change their story.    

I am a published author, you-tube network co-host, speaker and founder of T. Carter Coaching & Consulting.   


Sign the Pledge

I promise to move out of my own way.  I am releasing myself from the idea that the life I desire is outside of my reach.  I am embracing the fact that there is a plan to prosper me and a promise of a rewarding and abundant life.  I will no longer live day by day without an intention, plan, or blueprint for my life.  I vow to move beyond overwhelm and/or status quo to taking control of my life.  


I sign this pledge today because I am ready to move from being controlled by life to controlling my life.  I am ready to LIVE MY VISION and PARTICIPATE IN MY LIFE!!! 

Thanks for submitting!

“The final stage of healing is using what happens to you to help other people.”
-Gloria Steinem



Online Conference

"I have known Theodora for over 20 years. We have worked together, as HR leaders and she is a dear friend of mine. After years in the HR space providing advice, counsel and coaching, I was super excited when she decided to expand her expertise with her own Coaching & Consulting business. Timing wise was perfect for me.  Not only did I want to support her endeavor, but around the same time I found myself floundering and in need of some personal and professional coaching. The sessions were invaluable.  I highly recommend her!"

​— L. Bradley

My experience with Theodora was impactful. Theodora is very professional and has a calming demeanour. She skilfully guided me towards finding my own solutions rather than telling me what I should be doing.  Her approach helped me establish a plan for reaching my goals and the vision for my life. I look forward to future sessions.

— T. Jonhson

"Working with Theodora helped me to clear up a lot of the ideas going around in my head and gave me direction along with a way to organize it all piece by piece.  I started to approach things and tasks without feeling overwhelmed. I will not get discouraged because something didn't work the way I planned; I will work out a new plan.  Overall, I was hoping to get a grasp on how to handle things better; be more organized and less stressed about my never ending "to do" list.  My expectations were met for sure."

— A. Woods

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