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Welcome to Theo's World - Navigating Life Intentionally

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Hello and welcome to my world and a community focused on navigating life intentionally. I am Theodora, your Navigation Specialist. I am passionate about helping women navigate life's twists and turns so they can achieve their desired results and live the life they desire.

I am a Human Resources Professional with 25+ years of experience. Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to coach and mentor many individuals. In 2018 I embarked on a healing journey that led to me returning to therapy and working with a life coach which led to me pursuing my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. In 2020 I became a published author, a certified life and career coach and started a coaching and consulting business. Now I have the best of both worlds, I get to use my coaching, mentoring and HR experience to take women on a journey that empowers them to transform their challenges into stepping stones.

Using my personal and professional experiences I help clients identify the obstacles and challenges standing in their way and guide them to create a customized plan that will yield optimal results. I offer individualized coaching that results in greater confidence and a toolkit (plan) that enables you to sustain the life you desire and deserve to live unapologetically.

This community will be a journey focused on intentional living where positivity, light-hearted reflections and a focus on gratitude will be our compass. I'll share personal experiences, insights on mindset, goal setting, time management, fiscal responsibility and the joys of living with purpose and making life happen.

Together, let's explore the beauty of intentional living and cultivate a mindset that enhances every aspect of our lives. As we embark on this intentional living journey together, I invite you to engage with me by following me on instagram or facebook.

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